Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center and Three Rivers Medical Center CHS E-newsletter - December 2016
December 2016

Quick Emergency Care


When you’re experiencing an emergency, you don’t have time to wait. That’s where our 30-Minutes-or-Less ER Service Pledge comes in.

We work hard to have a medical professional see you and begin evaluation and treatment within 30 minutes of your arrival time, which is noted when you reach the emergency room. Serious illnesses and injuries can occur at any time, and the volume of patients who need emergency care is unpredictable moment to moment. Therefore, your wait time and the total length of your visit will vary.

When you need us, we’re prepared to help.

For more information about our 30-Minutes-or-Less ER Service Pledge, click here.


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This publication in no way seeks to diagnose or treat illness or to serve as a substitute for professional medical care.

Paul B. Hall is owned in part by physicians.

The emergency room (ER) average wait time is provided as an informational service to the public. It is approximate and based on a rolling average that is updated four times an hour and does not represent the actual current activity in the ER waiting room.

The ER wait time represents the time it takes from arrival until a patient is initially seen by a medical professional (physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner). Patients are triaged upon their arrival in the ER. They are then seen by a medical professional in an order based on their complaint, condition and the reason for their visit. While many patients are initially seen by a medical professional within 30 minutes of their arrival, during some peak times when the number of patients and/or trauma situations exceeds the number of providers or beds, some patients are not initially seen within 30 minutes of their noted arrival.

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